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"QuikSigma is my preferred and recommended solution."

- Mikel Harry, Founder, Six Sigma Academy

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What Can We Do For You?

Promontory Management Group provides world class process improvements, Six Sigma and Lean process improvement, consultant staffing, and training programs and certification in Six Sigma, Lean/Toyota Production System, Lean, Root Cause Analysis, and Quality and Supply Chain Management. You can choose on-site classroom instruction, live instructor online instruction, or individual video on demand instruction. Looking for process improvement tools? Check out our superb QuikSigma software.

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Why QuikSigma?

Our QuikSigma Pro is remarkable software. It changes forever the way quality, six sigma, and problem solving is done. It provides the essential statistical and non-statistical tools in an easy to use, easy to understand format, with abundant help files.Non-technical users will find the standard, broadly applicable tools to be intuitive and powerful. Technically oriented users will delight in the insight and simplicity of the advanced analytical tools.

It's excellent for lean/six sigma projects, root cause analysis, quality and supply chain management and for simple day to day process analysis and improvement.

About Us

Promontory Management Group was founded in 2000 by pioneers in the industry. We are a global company based in Layton, Utah, and the home of PMG Results. PMG Results is the clear and results-based methodology that allows you to build an engaged team to solve problems in any type of organization.

We like helping people do their regular work, only better!

Get Certified

We'll certify anyone who meets the standard, regardless of where, when, or by whom they were trained. What counts is ability.

Certification is included in our training packages, but can be purchased separately.

Learn more about the standard.

GSA Contract Holder

For the convenience of our government clients we have a GSA contract click here to find out more!

Lean Pull Systems at Curtiss-Wright

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Our Customers


  • “I expected great work from you, and you actually exceeded my expectations.  You delighted all of us!”

    Steve Avery

    Director of Operational Excellence, State of Utah

    Steve Avery
  • “I could not be more impressed with the QuikSigma Professional software.  It is easy to use and extremely powerful.”

    Chris White

    Tandberg Data

    Chris White
  • “QuikSigma…combined with outstanding experienced instructors gives Piper Aircraft the knowledge and tools required to improve performance, meet our financial commitments, and drive our culture to be data driven.”

    Mary Messuti

    Manager, Production Engineering, Piper Aircraft

    Mary Messuti
  • “QuikSigma is my preferred and recommended solution.”

    Mikel Harry

    Founder, Six Sigma Academy

    Mikel Harry