Online Six Sigma Certification

What is Six Sigma Certification? It means that someone has shown competency at a Green Belt, Advanced Green Belt, Black Belt, or Champion level, according to a published standard. The one we use is here. Online Six Sigma certification is convenient, and keeps Six Sigma certification cost low.
Some of our clients sharpen their competitive advantage by running waves of training and projects. Other clients are individuals who want to improve their value as employees. Individuals may not have the opportunity to do a project. So we offer two paths to some certificates.

Green Belt, Advanced Green Belt, or Black Belt

Complete a Project. Submit a report on a successful project that meets the criteria in the standard. One of our Master Black Belts will review it. If the project satisfies the standard, certification will be granted, plus the project leader will also be endorsed as a Project Manager.

Pass an Examination. You can certify by taking our examination. You may add the Project Manager endorsement by later submitting a satisfactory project.

Six Sigma Champion

Submit Documents. Those who meet the standard may submit documents with evidence and with contact information for people who can confirm their claims. Usually, this will also involve a pleasant interview.

Master Black Belt

Those who obtain both our Black Belt with Project Manager Endorsement certificate and our Six Sigma Champion certificate may be certified as a Master Black Belt.