We Help People and Organizations Excel

Six Sigma is a Powerful Problem Solving Skill:

The ability to successfully lead project teams and produce measurable, important results is extremely valuable. We prepare people to do exactly that.

Green Belt:

Our most fundamental offering, prerequisite for all other six sigma courses. Prepares project leaders for many available projects, using both Lean and Six Sigma tools, following the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) roadmap.

Advanced Green Belt:

Adds to Green Belt to prepare project leaders for practically any business process project and for many technically-oriented engineering or production projects using Six Sigma and Lean/TPS tools.

Black Belt:

Our advanced offering, aimed at those who will do Six Sigma plus Lean/TPS engineering or production related projects requiring the advanced tools such as Designed Experiments. Advanced Green Belt is prerequisite.

Directing QuikSigma:

Trains the people administering the program in their roles and responsibilities, and gives leaders an overview of the tools.

Six Sigma programs are available at your site, through live instructor online meetings, and through self study using video on demand.

Root Cause Analysis:

Efficiently finding where, when, why, and who is creating unusual events is an important skill. Knowledge of the current situation is essential to choosing and planning a successful path forward.

Quality and Supply Chain Management:

There are key analytical tools that every quality and supply chain management professional needs to evaluate process stability and capability, to find relationships hidden in data, find the sources of errors and defects, analyze tolerance stack ups, and more.

Lean and Toyota Production System:

Here are some of the basic tools of Lean and of Toyota Production System: Poka Yoke, Pull Systems, Kanban, Kaizen, and more.


ISO requires an organization to analyze data and show process improvement over time. Here are some tools to help meet that challenge, plus tips on how ISO9000 can work together with Lean and Six Sigma.