QuikSigma: Six Sigma Control Plan

In the video below, we learn how to complete a Six Sigma control plan in QuikSigma, the vital capstone on a Six Sigma project.




The Six Sigma control plan is one of the easiest steps of the process to do and also one of the most critical to have in place. Your Six Sigma control plan is your insurance against having to come back and do your project over. So it’s really important. These first two columns that the name of the variable and the improvement that has been made will be carried forward for you from the FMEA and action plan.

What you have to do, is simply fill out these last two columns. How would you know if an error condition exists, and if it does, what are you gonna do about it? Well, in some cases it’ll be very simple. You know it’ll be the presense or absence of something that’s on a checklist and that’s a simple form of the control plan. Here’s one that’s possibly a little more common. Okay, baking temperature is indicated as being a critical variable. The improvement we put in place, is we installed a new control system.Now the error indicator. We’re gonna put a control chart up or process behavior chart. If that goes out of limit, we know that we got a problem and there’s a specific person in the organization who is tasked with investigating and rectifying that.

In this case, his action plan is that he’ll come and and recalibrate and retest the equipment. So out of perhaps fifty or sixty input variables that you might have started with, perhaps three to six will end up in the control plan as items so critical that we must have an active control plan in place, and that’s what’s accomplished here.

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