Six Sigma Certification

Have you thought about getting a Six Sigma Certification for yourself or for the Managers in your company? A Six Sigma program is a great idea to advance your career and find inefficiencies in your processes to help you obtain higher profits. You can contact us about a Six Sigma project by clicking here!




Learning and applying Six Sigma is a wonderful life changing event. It builds personal confidence backed by competence. Six Sigma is probably the greatest personal development program ever invented. The proved ability to solve problems is a valuable commodity. In talent searches, Six Sigma is a more popular search term than Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Plant Manager, Chief Financial Officer, or President. Those who can add Project Manager are even more sought-after. Successfully managing a Six Sigma project makes clearly visible the value of your contribution to your company.

When you’ve attained that, sometimes you want to tell others about it, maybe show off a little. What’s in order is a certificate issued by an independent organization with a standard that tells everyone how high a bar you passed. Here at Promontory Management Group, we have just the thing for you. We have been certifying Six Sigma professionals since 2000. Our certificates includes Six Sigma Champion, Greenbelt, Advanced Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. As long as you meet our standard, we will certify you regardless of where, when, or how you acquired your skills. A Champion is a person who is appointed to help manage a project completion program in an organization. For a thorough discussion of Champion’s roles and responsibilities, you can see the appropriate chapter in our Directing QuikSigma textbook. A person qualifies as a Champion by leading three or more Green Belt and Black Belt candidates as they complete their projects and by taking an active part in directing the program in their organization, Green Belts are prepared for the majority of common issues. Advanced Green Belts receive additional training in statistics measurement, systems analysis, and in statistical methods for finding relationships between process inputs and outputs. Black Belts receive advanced training and designed experiments and advanced quality tools that prepare them for challenging issues. Usually in product design or production, all the required knowledge for Green Belt or Advanced Green Belt is found in our QuikSigma textbook and then the corresponding classroom presentations or videos.

The required knowledge for Black Belt is in the Advanced QuikSigma book and it’s classroom presentations or videos. Since the classes and videos closely follow the textbooks, the textbooks are the most fundamental guide to the material. The belt certifications are obtained through an examination and or completion of a project. Those who complete a satisfactory project have demonstrated competency. They will receive a certificate with a project manager endorsement and are not required to take the examination. Those who qualify by examination have the option of later submitting a satisfactory project and receiving their project manager endorsement. Those who receive both promontory management groups Black Belt and Champion Certificates can be certified as Master Black Belts. All these certificates are highly sought after because they are independent certification tied to a rigorous standard. Come visit us at our website. We have all sorts of programs ranging from full-fledged organizational programs, to individual studies, and Six Sigma in many other areas. Thanks for watching!

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