QuikSigma: Six Sigma Project Charter Part 2

In this video, we continue with Six Sigma Project Charter Part 2. We create this charter using our very own QuikSigma, which helps with completing Six Sigma projects quickly and effectively. You can see Part 1 here.




The sign-off function is very easy to use after you’ve agreed on your project and check that off as the charter being complete. Then you can go to the sign-off and this is just simply a place that you can record the dates where everybody that needs to approve has approved and said it’s a good project and the one we want to do. As before, there are calendar icons here that you can click on a that will pop up and you can just choose a date off of that. So once you’ve done that then you can indicate that your sign-off is complete and your define phase is complete. One down four to go.

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