QuikSigma: Six Sigma Project Charter Part 3

We continue our video series on Project Charters in Six Sigma with Six Sigma Project Charter Part 3 in QuikSigma. Part 1 and Part 2 were introductions to today’s video. Leave any comments below with your thoughts on the project charter!




In most of Six Sigma, we’re very concerned about doing things right. The business case is the place that we stop and make sure we’re doing the right thing. Your business case should be very short, probably no more than about three sentences. Think about what you would tell the president of the company about your project or the reasons that you need to do it if you were with him in an elevator and you had to explain it between floors. So let’s do an example. Here’s a fairly simple business case that would strongly appeal to most CEOs. We process a lot of customer service requests. We’re spending a lot of money. We’re finding out that only eleven percent of our customer service incidents are handled the inexpensive way and if we can fix that problem, we can A, decrease our costs and B, improve our customer satisfaction. Now, if you were the CEO or the CFO of the company, would this get your attention? It would if it were me.

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